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The Priestess | Tarot Series | RPG, DnD, Table top gaming, Fantasy, The 9th Age, Female Miniature | 3D Printed Resin Models

The Priestess | Tarot Series | RPG, DnD, Table top gaming, Fantasy, The 9th Age, Female Miniature | 3D Printed Resin Models

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The Priestess - Beautifully crafted by Ana Zem

Great Grimoire


Fumbling old fingers are pulling a new card from an old time-worn deck.

“The High Priestess! Oh, I see... I see...

Deep within the chambers of sacred, mystery Boaz Jachin temple one can hear a humming noise of time running through its vaults. A woman figure is standing still in the centre of the temple’s nave. Her head wearing a spiked crown sways subtly to the rhythm of a music unheard. Golden mask hid her emotions well for years but tonight there’s no trace of her familiar divine calm. The streams of time entwined. Past, present and future broke over her like one enormous tidal wave. The lunar crescent at her feet is shining so bright like never before. For a brief moment, the Priestess close her eyes.

Retired from the world, for centuries she was protecting the Great Grimoire from the unrighteous, was its one and only guardian. But tonight she feels the wicked hour approaching. The scrolls of the divine law never fail. Tonight the Great Book will get a new keeper.”

All models are printed to order using high quality resin on an Elegoo Mars 2 Mono Printer with a 0.02 layer height, this provides a highly detailed paintable resin print. They are cleaned, cured and finished by hand with every effort made to remove supports cleanly and without any marks or bumps left on the finished product. Whilst I always work to a high standard models will usually require some clean up, sanding and assembly before priming and painting.

Resin can be brittle, so I take every care to package your purchase well, however damage can sometimes occur in the post. If this happens please contact me with images and I will arrange for a replacement to be sent out to you as soon as it can be.

Dispatch time is approximately 5 days, however I am currently getting orders sent within the week they are ordered, if you need something quickly please contact me and I will see what I can do.

Jim's Painting Service is officially licensed to sell physical prints of models created by White Werewolf Tavern.

You can find the original digital STL files of this model through White Werewolf Tavern, Patreon (, or at MyMiniFactory (

Commission Painted miniatures also available please contact me for further information

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