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Pfalz D.VIII (Germany) 1:144 Scale

Pfalz D.VIII (Germany) 1:144 Scale

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Pfalz D.VIII (Germany) 1:144 Scale

The Pfalz D.VIII was a German World War I fighter aircraft.

The D.VIII was approved for production arising from German initiatives in 1918 to develop superior fighter aircraft. Its power unit, the Siemens-Halske Sh.III rotary enabled the type to achieve a top speed of 120 miles per hour (190 km/h) at sea level. Armament was twin 7.92mm Spandau machine guns.

Designed by 'Wargame3D' This model is suitably scaled and usable in such games as 'Wings of War' or The Two Fat Lardies 'Algernon Pulls it off'

We are currently taking orders for these beautiful miniatures, each one 3D printed to order. Pictures are for reference only actual models will have most supports removed but will still require some clean up and assembly.

All models are printed in quality 3d resin at at least 0.05mm layer height.

The current order waiting time for one miniature is: please allow up to 5 days

Commission Painted miniatures available

Please message for more information for multiple prints, or scaling options.

These products are not for children as they might contain small parts which may pose a choking hazard.
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