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Dweller of the Deep

Dweller of the Deep

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Great Grimoire

This model stands aproximatly 12cm in height


All models are printed to order using high quality resin on an Mono Printer.

This highly detailed model can be used in any DnD, The 9th Age, other Fantasy Tabletop Wargame or RPG

We are currently taking orders for these beautiful miniatures, each one 3D printed to order. Pictures are for reference only actual models will have most supports removed but will still require some clean up and assembly

Current order waiting time for one miniature is: please allow up to 5 days

Commission Painted miniatures available

Please contact Bristol Independent Gaming for more information or for multiple printsThe new world

Our world has changed, it’s not the same anymore. At first we were ecstatic: the waters were overflowing with fruits of the sea. Rare, precious, extraordinary sea animals found their way to our coats. The ocean was gleaming with never-before-seen colors. We were rejoicing!

In a few days, the tide turned. The wind was growing colder. The salt in the air became nearly palpable. Raging tempests followed one another without a pause. All we could do was wait with anxiety.

And then they came. Spawns of the ocean… Disgusting, horrible creatures. They controlled the waters and wished to sink our world into the abyss. There’s no shelter. There’s no help. We will perish without a trace. Our world will disappear with no memory of us left in the universe.

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